About Chelsea Smith Imagery

Northern Colorado Photographer

Hey, friend. Glad you’re here. 

I’m Chelsea and I love to capture authentic moments of life behind my camera lens. 

I’m a mama to three little boys and a proud Fire Wife to my husband. A couple years ago, I was in a career ending accident as a firefighter myself which forced me to take a hard look at what made me happy. I decided I wanted to capture the best moments of people’s lives, instead of being there for the most challenging times of a life. It’s been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling to have such a positive and beautiful outlet for me since leaving the fire service. I feel like my past experience allows me to see beauty and potential where some might not, and I hope that it translates to my photos. 

Photography is so much more than a photo for me. It’s allowing the emotion, love, and true spark of a connection to shine through. It’s documenting feelings so that you have a snapshot of a special moment in your life, forever. 

So be ready to have fun, laugh, and drink some whiskey.



Northern Colorado Photographer